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Ponder with Pastor Bill

“Marriage Enjoyments”

August 16, 2017

Carol and I just celebrated 52 years of marriage. I have taken time to ponder the benefits of marriage. High on the list is companionship. I cannot imagine doing life without the daily conversation and encouragement we enjoy. It is a gift to have someone I trust completely know my mind and heart.

Our marriage journey has included a few challenges. We moved many times – once to another state. While mostly healthy, we know what it feels like to be told about cancer. Death has taken away our parents, a sibling, a child at the fifth month of pregnancy and many friends. While laughter dominates much of our life, we know how to cry. It helps to have two of you when this occurs.

I reflected on the guy Carol married: Shy, insecure, stubborn, opinionated and excessively quick to use words to shut down a discussion. I insisted on “settling” things that really just needed time to resolve and heal. I regret my hasty decisions, marvel at her patience and appreciate her forgiveness.

I enjoy other benefits. During my single days, I prepared my own food and did my own laundry. Honestly, I do not recall ironing even one shirt since we married. I sometimes assist in the kitchen, but mostly I am in the way – except for clean-up time. I would have to ask for instructions to operate the washer and dryer – but I do not intend to!

I enjoy walking, but I seldom have to do this alone. While ministry involves many hours away from home, I can count on Carol to know where I am and to be involved in much of what I do. When people are hurting, it helps to have her there.

So, Carol, thanks for taking the risk to do life with me. You handle it as your calling and I am grateful. Marriage is filled with enjoyment. I love you!

Your PBilly

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