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Ponder with Pastor Bill

“United to Preserve”

September 6, 2017

Fires and floods tend to bring people together with the one goal of preserving lives. Property and personal possessions are cherished and efforts are made to save as much as possible, but the concern for life is what appropriately gets energy and attention.

I find it difficult to believe that anyone would ask what religious persuasion or political view is held before offering help for survival. Can we even imagine a person about to drown being asked these questions? The focus is simple – try to preserve life. Racial tension, personal preference and self-ambition are set aside with a beautiful united effort to preserve life.

The events of recent days remind me of the importance of establishing priorities and defining values. We have observed people who tearfully dig through the ashes of their home destroyed by fire and listened to them say: “But our family is safe. Our lives are preserved. We can build another house.” When earth stuff is taken away but lives are saved, we know where values lie.

It should not take a fire or flood to bring humans together in the preservation of lives. Human trafficking, bullying and abusive people in places of authority are only a few of many areas where we can be united to change patterns and preserve lives. The united efforts in this country during recent days demonstrates what can be accomplished when a single purpose of importance is agreed upon.

On a much smaller scale, the principle of being united to preserve life can and should be the focus of every marriage and family. The tragedy of illness or financial disaster tends to either divide relationships or bring them closer together – the difference being what is considered most valued over personal desires and preferences. We may not be in a position to help with the larger challenges of today, but each of us can work on the ones in our own life and family.

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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