Traditional Service: 9:30am
Contemporary Service: 11:00am

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23601 NE Arata Road
Wood Village, OR 97060
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Tue-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm PST
Phone: 503.661.7686
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Our Mission

Wood Village Baptist Church is a member of the Conservative Baptist Association on the regional and national level.


Vision Statement

“Teach the Bible and Care for People”

Mission Statement

Facilitate the accomplishment of our vision in the community near our campus, in each of our neighborhoods, in our places of work-school-play, and to the ends of the planet.


  • Provide for corporate worship services that give opportunity for contemporary or traditional music, informed prayer, communication that supports body life, and relevant preaching.
  • Provide for an educational environment that helps persons in each age group to learn the Bible, minister to others, learn to serve, and benefit from mentoring relationships.
  • Encourage and facilitate Biblical guidelines for marriage, family and peer relationships.
  • Provide support groups and/or counseling to meet special needs for correction, recovery and healing of mental-emotional-spiritual illnesses.
  • Develop a framework that provides for personal education, field exposure, and involvement in missionary efforts as well as the support of persons who are in career missions.
  • Encourage a sense of ownership of Wood Village Baptist Church that makes each person feel a personal commitment to the church Vision and Mission. Instill in each individual a practical understanding of the principle that “everything belongs to God.”
  • Facilitate a philosophy of life that includes personal holiness, relationship accountability, and a Biblical worldview.