Our History

Wood Village Baptist Church was organized on April 3, 1951, while meeting in what is now City Hall. It began as a Sunday school.


Wood Village Baptist Church - History

The first pastor, Rev. Melvin Erickson, guided the church through the move to the present location in September of 1954, and he continued serving until 1960. The church has enjoyed steady growth in membership along with an expanding campus and facilities.

Pastors include:

  • Rev. Melvin Erickson (1951-1960)
  • Rev. James Stanfield (1961-1963)
  • Rev. Kenneth Bekkedahl (1963-1972)
  • Rev. John Atherton (1973-1979)
  • Rev. Donald Boldt (1980-1994) and
  • Rev. William Ehmann (1995-2020)
  • Rev. Thomas Miles (2021-present)

Teaching the Bible. Caring For People.

Have a question for our pastors?  Would you like us to pray for you or a loved one?  We're here for you.

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