E-Giving Security



  • State of the Art monitoring and management systems
  • Secure, efficient use of existing LAN/WAN links and virtual infrastructure
  • Backup data is encrypted in flight and at rest
  • PCI Compliant – Independently assessed and verified quarterly through Security Metrics


  • Multiple fiber-optic carriers and upstream Tier 1 internet backbone
  • Carrier neutral with resilient connections to multiple providers
  • Redundant network components for ISP and network connectivity
  • Multiple fiber-based and traditional TDM or copper based carrier service providers


  • De-duplication of backup data spans globally across sites, servers and office locations
  • Server integrity and backup data recoverability verified daily
  • Immediate data recovery, without restoring full backups and subsequent incrementals
  • Fully insured for the unlikely occurrence of a database security breach


  • SAS 70 Type II compliant Data Center
  • Redundant HVAC systems that maintain consistent humidity and temperature
  • Redundant diesel-powered generators
  • State of the Art fire protections with a gas-based Halon system
  • Local fire department notified via direct connection
  • 100% availability commitment, with financial penalties to our data center provider for every minute of outage

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