Sweeter With Time

Sweeter With Time

March 12, 2020

Growing up in a small community and church, we enjoyed periodic Singspirations where you could choose the song you wanted everyone to sing. Nearly every time it was my dad’s turn to choose, he would select “Sweeter as the Years Go By.’’ The words are about the journey with Jesus becoming sweeter over time. I enjoyed the song because my dad did, but as a young kid, I did not understand the meaning it had to him. Those words truly reflected his personal experience with Jesus becoming more meaningful over time.

The Bible talks about sweet things and experiences. While some people view God’s laws as negative, the Psalmist said they are “sweeter than honey and the honeycomb.” Several songs focus on this theme: “‘Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus,” “Sweet Hour of Prayer,” “There’s a Sweet, Sweet Spirit in this Place,” “How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds.”

A good definition for “sweet” in the Bible is “pleasant.” Think of a relationship that becomes more pleasant with each passing day. We want that for our marriage, for our family and for our church. Dwelling together in a pleasant relationship brings joy and usefulness. Carol and I have enjoyed a very pleasant marriage journey, and both of us would say that it has become more so as the years have passed.

Growing sweeter can imply a maturing process. Some fruits need time to mature a little longer in order to become sweeter. I recall as a kid getting over-anxious to pick green apples. They were not sweet and it was not a pleasant experience!

My dad was still living the message of his favorite song when he went Home to Heaven. I want to follow his example and to help others do the same.

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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