“Beautiful Healing”

“Beautiful Healing”

September 7, 2016

On a walking trail near our home was a tall, beautiful tree that we admired. Eventually, its trunk began to show some major cracks and we realized that a strong wind could one day bring it down. It endured for many months but finally lost the battle. All that remained were two pointed twigs that showed no evidence of having a future.

That beautiful tree was history, or so we thought, but over time there were signs of life as small green shoots grew out of those sad-looking twigs. Actually, I paid little attention during future walks except to remember what an amazing tree it had been.

But while walking that trail recently, I decided to see if any significant growth had developed. I actually walked past it at first – missed it entirely and had to backtrack – because that hurting tree had clothed itself again. I could barely see those sorry-looking twigs – they were covered with lush foliage. The determination of that tree, coupled with time and nature’s provision, healed that wounded tree and made it beautiful again.

I have been pondering the beauty of healing. Major cuts and burns on human flesh can be healed through the careful efforts of the medical world. A broken relationship that accepts care, counsel and correction can, over time, return to a healthy friendship – maybe even a restored marriage. Our refusal to quit when dealing with a financial blunder has the potential of healing to an even greater prosperity than before.

The most beautiful healing takes place when Jesus is allowed to take lives that are broken with sin and turn them into something useful and admired. Isaiah wrote that the punishment for our sin was endured by Jesus, with the result that we are healed. Every human is broken and in need of God’s healing. Honest people admit that we have hurts and needs that we cannot repair or supply. We need the beautiful healing that only comes from Creator God through Savior Jesus. And He is anxious to do far more for us than that tree will ever experience – both now and forever.

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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