Big Picture Thinking

Big Picture Thinking

January 23, 2019

One of the marks of maturity is the ability to see life from a larger perspective. A child’s ability to do this is limited, but as we grow in years and gain insight, we develop a sense of seeing the immediate in light of the past and future. In a crowd of people, a child sees only a sea of knees – it must be rather frightening. We must lift them up in order for them to see the faces of actual people.

To a child, a broken toy is a crisis, but to an adult it is a small matter compared to a broken relationship. A bruised elbow is a big deal to a child, but it seems rather trivial to an adult whose loved one has a terminal illness. Maturity should bring big picture thinking and make a significant difference in the way we handle life challenges.

It is good for me to ponder how Creator God views my situation from His big picture. I may consider how to help one individual make good life choices, but God thinks about all people and offers His way for them to enjoy the best life possible. I may face a financial challenge with uncertainty, but God owns everything and views my situation through His wealth.

I admit to being annoyed by ants, but they have a lot to teach about big picture thinking. If they are able to look up, the world must seem overwhelmingly large and intimidating. However, it does not stop them from building a home and traveling long distances for what they need. If they knew we were about to destroy their work, they might give up – but they do not. Proverbs 6:6-8 reminds us to follow their big picture approach to life.

I need to ponder more of God’s perspective and let that determine my own. It is human nature to do the opposite, but we limit our joy and usefulness when we fall into this childish way of thinking. Maturing is a challenging but necessary process, and big picture thinking answers many of our questions.

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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