Dates We Always Remember

Dates We Always Remember

September 11, 2019

While most of our days pass without memory, there are certain dates that we never forget. Consider birthdates, marriage, graduation – the list will be long when we take time to think about it. These memorable dates bring joy as we ponder their significance.

There are certain events where we not only remember the date, but we know exactly where we were when it occurred. Carol and I can explain where we were on the Biola University campus when the announcement came over the speaker that President John F. Kennedy had been shot.

On today’s anniversary of what we know as “9/11,” I recall driving to the church campus for Tuesday prayer time with fellow pastors when I heard on the radio that airplanes had hit the Twin Towers. The rest of the day, we focused on TV updates with scenes that are fixed in our minds. Our world changed that day.

Many of us can remember the date we trusted Jesus as our Savior – when we believed in our heart and said with our mouth that Jesus is our Savior, our God. If we do not remember the date, we probably recall a time when we realized assurance of that relationship.

When I ponder 18 years ago today or November 22, 1963, I feel sad. Those are heartbreaking memories. When I remember August 14, 1965, the date of our marriage, or the birthdates of our boys, I feel joy.

Today I am thinking about the need to put emphasis on good memories while continuing to look for the benefit in remembering difficult ones. I believe it is easy to miss the value of recalling good times if we give too much time to difficult ones – which can lead to discouragement and depression.

Grateful today for a multitude of good memories,

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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