Grateful But Wondering

Grateful But Wondering

September 19, 2018

Watching the news on TV gives us a very limited picture of the hurt and devastation experienced by people in parts of the world affected by hurricanes, earthquakes and other events beyond their control. The fallout affects individuals and families for a long time ‒ some for the rest of their life.

I sit in the comfort of our home and honestly find myself thinking how grateful I am to be here and not there. Then I consider the question, “Why them and not me?” Why should those people have to experience these tragedies and I do not?

It is true that some parts of Planet Earth are more prone to these disasters than other places, which might suggest that people could choose to live somewhere else. But most of us have heard of someone who moved away from one disaster only to experience another one in a new place.

As I feel grateful for my own situation, I wonder how to help the hurting. In most cases, there are programs in place to assist the best they can. I try to help hurting people within my reach, and I hope that if disaster hits this area, I would be ready to do whatever possible.

This all reminds me that a lot of life on Planet Earth seems unfair. Why do babies have to endure terminal illness? Why does a wild animal kill someone who just enjoys hiking in the woods? Why do trees fall on a passing car along a major roadway?

It helps me to remember that I do not deserve the good things I enjoy any more than some people deserve the horrible things that come their way. Life on Planet Earth includes a lot of hurt, but the Bible says this is temporary. A day will come when all pain and darkness will pass. The way to be sure to enjoy that wonderful future is to believe and follow Jesus. I am most grateful for Him.

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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