Only A Few Things Matter

Only A Few Things Matter

November 28, 2018

In my late teens, I worked for a friend’s dad during wheat harvest in Eastern Colorado. The area is known for summer hailstorms that in a matter of minutes can destroy an entire year’s effort.

One afternoon during the prime of harvest season, I noticed the owner trying to harvest some wheat that had fallen – a problem during a bumper crop season. It is a tedious effort but results in product that otherwise would go to waste. Then I noticed a very dark cloud coming our way – evidence of a major storm that could include hail.

The owner quickly moved into an area of more rapid harvesting, but soon everything had to shut down because of rain. Fortunately, there was no hail.  As we waited for the storm to pass, I recall that man admitting his poor choice and being grateful he did not lose the good crop while messing around with something less worthwhile.

This reminds me of the way I think about many things today that in my earlier years occupied far too much of my time. I no longer debate the sovereignty and free will questions. I have dropped many of the beliefs I thought were Biblical but were only traditions – good ones but not important.

While from childhood I have believed in Heaven for everyone who trusts Jesus as Savior and Hell for all who reject Him, today I give more attention to pondering what those two options really look like. I am convinced that if individuals took the time to visualize the benefits of Heaven and the awfulness of Hell, they would run to Jesus for Salvation. I want to help people gain that perspective.

Only a few things matter when our life is finished. I believe those things are also priorities today. I am grateful for God’s patience in helping me learn.

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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