Praying for Calm

Praying for Calm

April 25, 2018

I have found myself praying for a calming of attitudes and actions in our communities and our country – even the world. It seems that people need to take a deep breath and consider life’s realities.

Our world is caught up in senseless actions and reactions. What would cause a person to intentionally drive on a sidewalk to hurt and kill people, shoot at police officers or blow up a vehicle or building? There is obvious anger and confusion prevailing – a lot of hurting people.

If these issues were limited to our home or immediate community, I believe we would call for a family discussion. We would invite each person to share their concern or hurt, and invite suggestions as to how we can work through our issues and search for solutions. It is difficult to do this on a large scale, but if handled in small groups, the process would permeate our world.

Some basic essentials are missing in our culture – one of them being time to breathe and think. Our culture encourages us to rush from one place to another, from one decision to the next, and often from one mistake or misunderstanding to more of the same. One of the reasons Creator God made Sabbath a part of His routine was to set an example for us to do the same. It is amazing what can be resolved in just a few minutes of careful pondering.

The need for communication is obvious. People need the respect of being heard and valued. We may not agree with what they say, but we can always affirm them by listening. Much of the time, their concern may not even need an answer – it just needs a respectful hearing.

I want to invite readers of the “Ponder” to offer a prayer for ourselves, for those closest to us, and for the people of our church, our local community, our nation and the world – a request that God would remind us to pause and listen to His Spirit as He directs us toward being the best support we can be to those around us.

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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