Reminders of Creator God Everywhere

Reminders of Creator God Everywhere

October 9, 2019

English poet Christina Rossetti wrote: “Were there no God, we would be in this glorious world with grateful hearts; and no one to thank.” I thought about the beautiful fall colors when I read this. Each of the changing seasons offer their own kind of beauty. A covering of winter snow makes everything appear equal. Spring makes a statement of life after death. Summer is all about warmth and growth.

Several of the Psalms acknowledge Creator God as the One Who is responsible for the beauty that covers the earth, as well as the heavenly bodies that we can see with our eyes. Technology allows us to see beyond what our natural eyes can see.  The more our vision expands, the more we realize how vast is God’s creation and how limited is our vision.

All of this reminds me that God has given us constant reminders of Him. When we fail to think of Him, we can lose perspective and make poor choices. The world in which we live is filled with distractions that can easily become our priorities. The loudest noise gets the most attention. We need something that is stable and positive to hold our attention – something that can keep us thinking about God first.

Creator God designed our world to give us that reminder. Sunrise and sunset are designed and controlled by Him. All of nature reflects His handiwork. When God was ready to bring Job’s attention back to Him, He spoke from a whirlwind and began with the foundation of the earth. He talked about the sea, dawn of the morning, the dwelling of light and stars, and the life journey of birds in the air and animals on the ground. It is a massive review of nature – all attributed to Creator God. He used His own creative handiwork to realign Job’s thinking.

I am grateful for this glorious world that is filled with reminders of God, and for the privilege of knowing Him as Savior and friend because of Jesus.

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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