So Quickly It Changed

So Quickly It Changed

March 18, 2020

A week ago, we were planning for weekend events and worship services. Schools were busy, restaurants filled – life seemed so normal. One day later, it all changed and continues to change. The unknowns and uncertainties are massive.

I have been admitting to myself how much I allowed myself to assume over a lot of years. Life in America is good. We fix problems and conquer difficulties. Bad things happen in other countries, but not here. How quickly I have been brought to reality.

I grew up hearing about my grandmother who came close to death during the Spanish influenza epidemic of 1918. During my early years, we pretty much eliminated smallpox, measles and the dreaded polio. Who would have thought that today our country would be in lockdown over a disease for which there is no known prevention or cure?

When Adam and Eve disobeyed Creator God in the Garden, the human race fell under a curse of sin, and death is a part of that. While the Remedy, Jesus, was promised and is available to all who will believe, the influence of sin will stay with us until He returns to reign as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

While we are “grounded” from our normal activities, we can pray for the salvation of neighbors and friends. We can be a calming influence for people who are living in panic. We can enjoy extra time in the Bible and write notes or make calls to people who need encouragement. And we can live a life of acceptance and trust in the only One Who knows and understands.

Thanks for listening in as I am pondering my journey through this new challenge. As Joshua said, “We have not been this way before.”

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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