“The Conductor”

“The Conductor”

April 18, 2018

Our neighbor plays in a band and invited Carol and me to attend one of their concerts. There were many instruments, played by people ranging in age from young students to seniors. We arrived early and watched as the performers prepared for the event.

The setting was confusing and rather noisy. It appeared that each person felt the need to play their piece, without regard for those nearby. I did not see them talk to each other. Occasionally, they left the area but soon returned to do more of the same. One could describe the scene as chaotic.

Then the conductor walked in. The band members grew quiet and the crowd erupted in applause. Every eye was on the conductor and not one person played a note or touched a drum. As the conductor lowered his baton, the most amazing sounds came from the band. Every person was aware of those around them, but all focus was on the conductor.

For the next couple of hours, we appreciated well-rehearsed and professionally presented music. The only words we heard were when the conductor explained a song or the narrator shared a story. There was nothing like noise or confusion – only delightful music.

I thought about the difference it makes when every follower of Jesus lives with a focus on Him as our Conductor. Different as we are individually, with a variety of talents, He brings out the best in each of us and blends our efforts into a concert of healthy relationships and good deeds. The result is an attractive church that causes people to take notice and have the desire to become involved. Each of us has a part to play, but it is all about the Conductor.

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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