The Gift of Flowers

The Gift of Flowers

May 23, 2018

The Garden of Eden must have been beautiful beyond our imagination. There was no hint of death and I am sure there were no weeds. The watering system was perfect and the atmosphere just right. It must have been pure delight for Adam and Eve.

Fruit trees and vegetables have flowers that eventually develop into something edible. But what about other flowers? We do not eat them – we just admire and enjoy them. A world without flowers would be very drab.

Flowers are a gift. They are a reminder of the beauty of Jesus and what He can do in our life when we invite Him in. A song says, “He made something beautiful out of my life.” The most wounded and weary individual is made beautiful when Jesus is welcomed to do what only He is able to do.

No wonder the flower industry is so popular. When we want to say, “I love you,” we send flowers. When someone is hurting, we offer flowers. When we want to remember a loved one who has passed on from this life, we include flowers.

Flowers bring cheer as they brighten up a room. Children are fascinated with flowers – even dandelions. Important celebrations such as weddings and anniversaries nearly always include flowers.

It is far too easy to be caught up in things that bring a tangible return – like an apple tree whose blossoms are striking – and to feel cheated if no fruit results. We need to focus on the significance of the flower for the sake of the message that it brings. Whatever the flower, it is a gift from God. And troublesome as they are, I am inclined to think that God even enjoys dandelions, a good reminder the next time I am digging them up!

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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