The Joy of Mystery

The Joy of Mystery

January 16, 2019

People who enjoy mysteries are willing to wait for the outcome of a story. If we cannot handle suspense, we probably do not read or watch mystery stories. It takes time to understand the plot and requires discipline and patience to wait for the conclusion.

A mystery is a word or idea that is not explained, or an event that is secret. Our life experience includes mystery that sometimes is beyond our understanding.

Gravity is a mystery to me. I do not understand a round planet that has earth, water and people on all parts of it and everything stays in its place. No wonder people once thought the earth was flat!

Another mystery is technology like radio, TV and cell phones. My first introduction to a telephone was mysterious, but I knew that wires were providing the connection. That mystery is complicated by today’s advances ‒ communication via satellite and data stored in the “cloud.” It startles me to think about it.

When Job in the Old Testament needed to be reminded of how little he knew, Creator God talked about His realm that is beyond the understanding of a human. When God wanted to explain Jesus and His Church, He said this was a mystery in the past that was revealed when He was ready.

There is a lot about God, life and death, and future events that I do not understand. When I read the Book of Revelation, I am lost in the mystery of much of it. The biggest mystery to me is why God went to the effort He did to make a way for me to be in His family and enjoy Him forever. I am grateful to accept that mystery and enjoy it, without a lot of explanation.

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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