“The Week After Easter”

“The Week After Easter”

March 30, 2016

For many people, Easter Sunday is about dinner, eggs, bunnies, flowers and maybe the annual visit to a local church. And then it is over. Dinner is a memory – maybe an uncomfortable one. The colorful eggs are made into sandwiches. The stuffed bunnies are kept, but the live ones will soon need a new home. The flowers are wilting.

And the memory of church? That depends on what was heard and how it affected us. If going to church was a routine to be performed to meet someone’s expectations, it is most likely hardly a memory at all. If we heard that Jesus is risen, we might be inclined to wonder how or why. Hopefully, we want to know more.

Easter Weekend events provide an amazing reminder of Who Jesus is and why He came to Planet Earth. Pondering how much He suffered and knowing that my sin was put on Him, the Resurrection Morning celebration is uplifting beyond description. I did not want the celebration to end. Of course, I returned on Monday to my usual responsibilities, but the memory that Jesus is risen continues on.

I suppose I will never understand how people can overlook or ignore Jesus. Why would mere humans, with all of our limitations, think we could rescue ourselves from the effects of sin and death? Is there more risk involved in trusting Jesus, Who has never failed, than in trusting ourselves, who we know will fail? I do not think so.

I delight in the excitement of children over the eggs and bunnies, but my heart hurts for people who never get beyond this. It will be a sad day for those who miss the reality of a relationship with Jesus and spend their forever with nothing but the counterfeit attractions of temporary enjoyment. The days following Easter carry the same excitement as Resurrection Morning for followers of Jesus. Every day is about the Risen Savior Messiah Jesus. I want everyone to have this joy.

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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