March 28, 2018

A small river behind our home runs year round. Right now, there is a lot of water, but even in the dry summer season, it has never failed since we have lived there. I have pondered why I enjoy just watching it whenever the opportunity arises.

It is a beautiful setting and each season brings different colors and perspectives. There is something restful about a running stream – so peaceful compared to a raging river overflowing its banks.

Water means life. Our body can survive a lot longer without food than it can without water. Water changes a desert into a productive field. It makes the difference between an empty flowerbed and a colorful display.

I believe one reason our river fascinates me is that it reminds me of what we did not have on the ranch in Colorado where I grew up. We had sufficient acreage to produce an abundance of crops, but we lacked water. The closest thing we had to a river was flash floods in the springtime that did more damage than good. Even well water was scarce.

Add to this that some years there was little or no snow in the winter or rain in the summer. I recall actually hauling water to the livestock during a drought. So when I watch our stream run 24/7 year round, I cannot help but think of the difference that could have made on the old ranch.

The water of the Word of God is like that as it penetrates our heart, fills our mind and makes good thoughts grow and produce positive character. When my life feels dry and empty, it is usually because I have not availed myself of the refreshing water of the Word of God that His Spirit is anxious to pour into my life. When I am filled by His Word, I can be used by Him to bring refreshment into the lives of others.

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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