Amazing Power

Amazing Power

May 6, 2020

My treatment chair this week faced a window that provided a frame for Mount St. Helens, covered with snow against a sky-blue background. It was a magnificent scene, and I had plenty of time to enjoy it and ponder the significance of that mountain.

Prior to 1980, I called it “Mount Chrome Dome,” because compared to the other jagged mountains in this area, it had a rounded top. After it erupted 40 years ago, that changed. Now I call it “Mount Flat Top.” I pondered the power involved the day it blew. When you take time to view the crater that now exists, it is difficult to comprehend the impact of that explosion.

I have friends who specialized in blowing up hills to provide rock for quarries. When they could dynamite enough rock to make it worthwhile, they were happy and, I hope, well paid. It was very hard work. But compared to Mount St. Helens, they hardly made a dent.

I do not try to understand the scientific explanation of what happened, because I would rather think about the supernatural. The Creator said if we have enough faith in Him, we could believe He would move mountains. I do not know that anyone was asking God to move that much of Mount St. Helens, but there was a power demonstrated that day that defies anything humans can do.

And to think that the same powerful God lives within me excites and humbles me. I pondered how the blood that Jesus shed has the power to wash away my sin and bring me into an eternal and permanent relationship with Creator God. And He offers that to anyone who will accept this Gift of Grace.

A song says, “His love has no limit, His grace has no measure, His power has no boundary known unto men.” I am resting today in the security of His amazing power.

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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