“Big Little Things”

“Big Little Things”

July 19, 2017

So much of life focuses on big events and milestones – graduations, job promotions, marriage and birth of children. Sometimes years of preparation and anticipation precede these wonderful accomplishments.

I have been thinking about little things that have big impact. At the time, they might seem small and routine, but when we ponder their significance, we realize how much influence they have. In fact, most of the big events start very small. Consider the casual first conversation that developed over time into friendship and then marriage.

If we had the view that angels enjoy, we would be amazed at how many times we have been preserved from disaster. Think of the light that turned red when you were running late for an appointment. Perhaps that delay saved you from a traffic accident that could have put you into the hospital.

Recently, I heard the term “small pleasures” when someone referred to a kind act that made a difference in their life. This could include any enjoyment from nature that reminds us of how big Creator God is. It might be the ability to drink pure water or munch on a favorite treat. We need to remember that these little things are actually big gifts.

Most of the time, we are not even aware of how much our smile or word of encouragement helps someone. I enjoy the privilege of offering sermons on Sundays and I hope they are helpful. But I am aware that for many people, just being together with other followers of Jesus and enjoying their company has more impact during the week than what I shared.

I appreciate the big things of life. But today I want to remember that most of them are the combination of many little gifts – and I am grateful.

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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