“Consistency of the Sun and the Son”

“Consistency of the Sun and the Son”

July 12, 2017

This part of Planet Earth is enjoying the time of year when we see the sunrise nearly every morning. During much of the year, we have clouds and rain – sometimes we go for days without seeing the sun.

I was thinking about how much I enjoy seeing the sun each morning. It occurred to me that it is there every morning but not always visible. The sun has been consistently doing its job since Creator God spoke it into existence. The sun is always there, but other realities sometimes block its impact.

This reminds me of my life experience. Some days feel bright when health is good, friendships are working and the joy of life all seem to be in place. But other days are not so bright, or at least they do not appear to be. When I evaluate what is happening, I find that my outlook and attitude need repair. Life is still good, but I have lost perspective.

My thoughts turned to another Son – God’s only Son, Jesus, Who is the ultimate consistent Being – God Himself. He never changes. His plan for humans is always focused on giving His life for our redemption from sin.

The Son never moves away. If I feel like a cloud separates us, it is a situation that I have allowed. His warmth and brightness are always present.

On cloudy days, it helps me to remember that the sun has not moved away. And on days when I do not feel God’s closeness, I am reminded to evaluate what I might be allowing to cause the concern. I am sure He has not moved away.

There is great assurance in remembering that the Creator of the sun, the Son Himself, is never overshadowed by anything. That reality motivates me to be consistent in my life journey with Him.

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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