“Creator God Has Such Great Ideas”

“Creator God Has Such Great Ideas”

May 3, 2017

The story is told about a young man who at age 18 left home to do life on his own. He was rather open about the fact that he felt his parents did not know a lot about life, so he would figure out how to do it better without them.

After several years of college, time in the work force to support himself and a number of challenging relationships, he returned home. Following several discussions with his parents, he concluded: “I am amazed at what they learned since I left home.” Of course, we know who did most of the learning.

There is a typical human tendency to take the same approach to listening to Creator God. After trying our own limited ideas, we come to the Bible and are amazed at what He has outlined as the correct way to do life. Marriage is a vivid example.

God said that one man and one woman should commit to do life together in harmony as long as both are living. This forms the basis of good communication, a format for problem solving and the joy of bringing children into the world and training them properly.

God said to worship only Him and that any variation to that would bring chaos. The counterfeit god, Satan, has genius ways of distracting humans from the correct focus on the Creator, and it always results in disappointment and confusion. Creator God knows there can be only one authority.

God said to be honest, work diligently, respect each other, develop trust relationships and care for what He has provided. People who do this are happy and fulfilled, while those who follow selfish choices hurt themselves and others.

Creator God has such great ideas recorded in the Bible. We should be amazed at Him and disappointed in ourselves when we fail to follow. Perhaps some 18-year-olds have to learn difficult lessons on their own, but it would seem that mature adults would be quick to appreciate Creator God and want to enjoy His great ideas continually.

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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