Eleventh Floor Perspective

Eleventh Floor Perspective

January 22, 2020

Carol and I have become rather familiar with the Franz Cancer Center at Providence Hospital in Portland, Oregon. Medical appointments with the tremendous staff there, combined with chemo infusions and now immunotherapy treatments, have filled many hours over recent years.

Less than two years ago, the Oncology Department moved to beautiful new facilities on the 11th floor. There are large rooms with walls of windows offering a spectacular view of Portland. The rooms are lined with heated recliner chairs for patients and armchairs for guests.

The patients include a variety of ages and cultures, but everyone has one thing in common – trying to conquer cancer. The medical staff work as a family – you get the idea that they like each other and enjoy their work.

Something I find difficult to observe is the occasional patient who comes alone. No one is there to talk, get them food or drinks, or share the experience. Eventually they leave – alone. I wonder if they have someone in their life to share the experience. I would not want to do this without Carol.

I have been thinking that this 11th floor perspective might be like Creator God’s view of the human race. We all have the same illness – sin. There is no human cure, so we try to find ways to ease the pain and find some comfort. We long for the day when cancer will be conquered, but until then, the treatment is temporary.

With Savior Jesus, there is a cure for sin that is complete and eternal. We have to admit our helplessness to cure it ourselves, but when we do and accept His Grace and forgiveness, we find health and hope that is forever. Cancer may still take our life, but it can never take away our security in Savior Jesus.

Pastor Bill and Carol

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