January 15, 2020

Several years ago, our church youth presented a musical called “Unplugged.” The idea was to eliminate all media and celebrate Christmas as much as possible like the original story. It was a delightful reminder of the simple beauty of the event.

Recently, I had the opportunity to unplug from all media devices. During a two-day hospital stay, I watched no TV, had no iPad and Carol had my cell phone, which she monitored for any messages that required a response.

I wondered how I would handle this change. For 25 years, I have had a cell phone that was always on except when appropriately silenced. I admit to even checking it when I got up during the night!

Nearly every day, I read newspapers and watch local and global news on TV. I had no idea what was taking place on the planet during my days of being “unplugged.” Interesting to me is that I actually enjoyed the experience. I recalled Scripture, prayed for people who are hurting, and gave much thanks. It was refreshing.

I am using my phone again, but on a limited basis, and watching minimal TV. Some people fast from eating for a time to give their body an opportunity to regroup. I think my mind did that while I was unplugged.

I hope the next time I do this will be by choice, not while in hospital care. And I am grateful for another experience in this life journey.

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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