May 5, 2016

The title “Mother” carries a sense of awe, maybe even reverence, that is both tender and profound. When Adam called his wife’s name “Eve,” he used a word that means “life-giver.” Genesis 3:20 says “she would become the mother of all living” – literally the “bond of the family.”

It is interesting to note that this title was given to Eve after she and Adam fell into sin. The consequence was that all humans have a depraved nature and are in need of redemption. While Adam is the person held responsible for the sin, Eve is declared the “life-giver.” The title “Mother” carries a lot of influence.

It takes a man and a woman, teamed up with Creator God, to start a new human life. But from the moment of conception, it is the mother who is the “life-giver.” For nine months, her body is completely responsible for the development of the child who depends on her blood, nourishment, protection and patience.

At birth, the child begins the process of independence but for a time is still nourished by the mother. Other people can be involved. And thanks to medical advances, there are amazing helps to overcome some of the challenges that can arise. But in the care of the infant, the “mother’s touch” takes preference over anything offered by any other human.

In a normal development process, it is the mother who has more contact with and influence on the child than anyone else. As the “bond of the family,” she is the glue that holds the members together. There is no substitute for Mother in normal situations.

Eve, along with all mothers that followed, are impacted by sin. They have the same fallen nature as men. Every one of us needs the redemptive work of Jesus applied to our life. And while Jesus Christ is the “new Adam” Who brings hope and forgiveness to us as the remedy for the problem caused by the “old Adam,” it is Mother who continues to give life and serve as the life-giver of the family.

On this Mother’s Day weekend, and every day, it is appropriate that we give special appreciation to every mother and honor her carefully.

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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