“My Thanksgiving Praise”

“My Thanksgiving Praise”

November 15, 2017

Someone asked me recently, “What do you know for sure today?” My reply, “I know Jesus is my Savior and when I die I will go to Heaven. I know a few other things, but none as important as this.” So, at the top of my “Thanksgiving Praise”:

  1. I am grateful for Peace in my mind and heart that because of Jesus, I am secure with Creator God forever. Without that confidence, nothing else would be important.
  2. I enjoy an amazing life journey with Carol. After 52 years of marriage, we work harder than ever to find time to be together.
  3. I am blessed to be a privileged and spoiled pastor. Enjoying ministry is a priority and having a supportive church family is necessary – I have both. After so many years, it is very special to continue a little while longer.
  4. The USA flag still flies and life under it offers an abundance of opportunities. Regardless of what is wrong with our country, there is so much right that people from many parts of the world want to live here. I get to live here!
  5. Medical advances, technology, food and water, a variety of fuel resources, education and jobs for anyone who is able and wants to work – these are just some of the benefits available. I enjoy all of them.
  6. A collection of goods and gadgets would be of little value without friends. I have more people to call friends than I have time and opportunity with whom to spend time. It would take weeks to visit or call each of them.
  7. I have this moment to live, believe and try to make good use of. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is a wish, but I have right now. I am grateful!

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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