“Would They Be Proud?”

“Would They Be Proud?”

November 22, 2017

Along with many reasons to be thankful, tomorrow’s Thanksgiving celebration causes Americans to remember how the tradition began. Several hundred years of history have played a part in where we are today. Numerous individuals have endured hardship and given their lives for the freedom we enjoy. I wonder if the people who have been a part of this process would be proud of who we are today.

The Mayflower families and those who followed them paused to give thanks that some of them were still alive. They were motivated to continue to pursue their dream that resulted in the USA. If they could see our country today, would they feel good about their contribution to this great cause?

The pioneers, early settlers and Oregon Trail families are the reason I get to live in the Pacific Northwest. If they could return for a visit, would they be excited to see what has developed and how we honor what they did?

Our more recent ancestors – grandparents and great-grandparents – endured wars and the Great Depression with few conveniences compared to what we have today. Would they be proud of the way we show appreciation for their efforts? Would they feel like we are continuing the cause for which they worked and died?

So many people have contributed to our life, bringing us to where we are today – parents, teachers, pastors, employers, mentors and friends. They invested in us with the hope that our life would become worthy of their trust and contribute to the next generation. Would they be proud of what we have done?

The ultimate and most important question is obvious: How does Creator God feel about the way we are doing life this Thanksgiving season? Does He approve of and feel honored by our choices, decisions, attitude and appreciation? Would He be comfortable in our Thanksgiving celebrations? Those questions give me a lot to ponder. I cannot influence the direction of our country, but I am responsible to make a difference where I live and do ministry. I am grateful to be here to celebrate another Thanksgiving Day.

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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