Remembering the Ten Commandments

Remembering the Ten Commandments

May 30, 2018

Most laws written nowadays involve many pages. A simple agreement for the purchase of an item often involves several pages of fine print and multiple signatures. When it comes to government contracts, which can include thousands of pages, I often wonder if anyone actually reads – and understands – what is involved.

I have pondered the simplicity of the ten laws that God required of His people Israel. I realize that over time a lot more specifics were added. But the basic ten prevailed and offered a formula for human living that is still practical these many years later. Think of how life would be operating in America today if every person lived by the basic ten rules!

In a “one God” society, there is one authority with the final answer to every major question. When that authority is respected, the potential for challenges to the boundaries are eliminated. People know to live within the perimeters. This does not eliminate creativity, but it does establish order.

When children honor dad and mom, they tend to get along with each other as well. The order of God’s Creation permeates the life of a home and the generations repeat the process. So many human failures are eliminated: Murder, adultery, thievery and false witness. These all break out of God’s boundaries and violate His authority.

In the context of this kind of environment, the principle of Sabbath becomes attractive. People want to take time to rest, enjoy each other’s company, reflect on the goodness of the life process and worship Creator God.

There is a lot that I cannot repair in my community or country. But it is within my choice and power to live by the Ten Commandments. I like to think of this as a place to begin the process of positive change.

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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