Tribute to Maria Rogers

Tribute to Maria Rogers

February 13, 2019

This Saturday, our church family will join with the friends of Craig and Maria Rogers to celebrate Maria’s life. She went Home to Heaven in December, and all of us are hurting. No one questions where she is – we know she is safe with Jesus. But it feels like she was taken way too soon, and her absence is impacting.

Maria lived her early years in Mexico with 13 brothers and sisters. She met Craig in Long Beach, California, when he was in the Navy. God blessed them with twins, and they lived in Oregon for more than 40 years.

Craig and Maria were examples of the wedding vows, “in sickness and health until death do us part.” They enjoyed decades of a joyful and adventurous life. In recent years, we observed Craig’s tender and patient care of Maria as her health declined. Her attitude was amazing – wanting to be healed but willing to accept God’s ultimate healing – Heaven.

The stories we will hear on Saturday will be mostly about her love for Jesus and her concern that everyone know Him. She devoted her life to telling Jesus’ Story.  She and Craig are appreciated in the Hispanic community. Their leadership and commitment are felt throughout this church family and beyond.

It is never easy to say goodbye, even this temporary parting – for we shall see her again when we arrive in Heaven. I find it even more difficult when God takes someone who was so involved in carrying out the assignment He left for us to finish. She was giving such excellent effort. I do not question God’s sovereignty, but I struggle with His timing – which reminds me once again of how much I need to trust Him – completely.

God has something for each of His children to complete, and when that is finished, He takes us Home to be with Him. Length of time and our personal preferences do not determine our finish – it is His call.

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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  1. That is very sweet thank you 🙂 I got to know Maria in Gresham Curves she always wore a smile and brighten up the room! I know she is where we all want to go!!! Thank you for sharing!

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