Following Our Head

Following Our Head

February 20, 2019

When we think “head,” most likely we consider facts, information and principles. When we think “heart,” the tendency is to reflect on emotions, feelings and impulses. Both are part of the human make-up as Creator God designed us. When in balance, our life is filled with reason and common sense. If either head or heart is allowed to dominate to extremes, the balance is broken and we can be sure of problems developing.

Proverbs 23:7 reminds us that our actions are a product of our thoughts. People who make good choices have most likely thought about their decisions ahead of time. They considered the consequences. The opposite is true for people who make hurtful choices. The emotional drive of the immediate overrules careful thinking.

There is a reason that Creator God places so much emphasis on headship. Colossians 1:18 tells us that Jesus is the “head of the body, the church.” That works well because Jesus is God – the perfect Head. It gets complicated when in Ephesians 5:23 we are told, “The husband is the head of the wife.” Men are not perfect. It is easy to forget about the “heart” and become domineering – very unlike Christ.

I grew up in a culture that was more about “head” than “heart.” There were many rules and sometimes very harsh consequences for disobedience – often without any teaching on how to do better. “Just do the right thing!” Today, I live in a culture that is more about “heart” than “head.” “How does this make you feel?” has become more important than “What is the right choice?”

I am grateful to be living in a time and place where it is possible to balance these two important realities and develop a culture of feeling based on fact. It is important to remember the description of Jesus – He was Grace and Truth.

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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