June 21, 2017

We have a low-maintenance yard with no lawn. It is not difficult to keep it looking nice, which means it is also easy for me to neglect the grooming it needs.

Not long ago, during a rainy period, the dry days did not correspond to my days off work. I was amazed at how many weeds appeared and how quickly they grew. I finally found time to declare war on them, so they are gone – at least for now.

I did not plant those weeds – they just showed up. I do not want them – they came without invitation. If I let them grow, they will take over the yard. A decision, combined with effort, got rid of them.

We plant good things in the garden of our life. We plan for the beauty of good thoughts, positive attitudes and useful influence on other people. But those good plans need continual grooming as they mature.

If we are not careful, there will always be weeds trying to take over. When we are tired and too busy, we might become irritable and negative. Those weeds can grow quickly to hurt relationships and destroy our effectiveness.

As healthy plants mature, it is more difficult for weeds to take over. And as we learn to plant and nurture good thoughts and ambitions, we are quick to see the weeds in our life and remove them.

I am not proud of my temporary neglect of the yard. Fortunately, the only person directly affected by it was me. Consistent maintenance is easier than having to do major work. Nothing had permanent damage, but one plant will take time to recover from the removal of a weed that was tangled throughout it.

However, the potential damage from weeds in the garden of our life will most likely take more time and effort to repair. I am grateful for the reminder.

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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