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Ponder with Pastor Bill

Reflecting on the Eclipse

August 23, 2017


Along with millions of people, I enjoyed viewing the eclipse.  It was wonderful thinking about so many people staring into the heavens enjoying Creator God’s amazing work.  I wondered if He thought about hollering out in many languages:  “Do you know that I am the One Who designed this?”


I smiled as I realized that when Creation was taking place, as recorded in Genesis 1 and 2, Creator God included what we observed on Monday.  He designed our Solar System to operate in a way that balances light and darkness, heat and cold and a world of nature that operates within His boundaries.  He set the pattern for yesterday’s eclipse.


It boggles my mind to think that humans can know years, actually decades, in advance of what we saw.  They told us ahead of time the exact minute the eclipse would take place and how long it would last, and they traced this time-table through the USA from coast to coast.  Humans get the credit for figuring this out but I know that the Creator facilitates our ability to learn.


Where we live, the eclipse was 98 percent.  I am amazed at how much light and warmth just 2 percent of our sun produced.  That is an amazing star!  I thought about the distance from Planet Earth to the sun, the balance of heat is sends, the number of years this has been happening – only God knows – and that scientists tell us there is no concern of it burning out.  The moon can block its light for a few minutes but nothing can dim its purpose and value.


The sad “eclipse” I observed yesterday is the human indifference to the One Who should be worshipped.  I listened for mention of Creator God but most of what I heard was about the amazing event.  It felt like worship of creation rather than the Creator.  It is a good reminder to me to keep the emphasis where it belongs.

-Pastor Bill Ehmann

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