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Ponder with Pastor Bill

“The Gift of Today”

August 30, 2017

Life is often described in terms of years or decades, but we know that it is lived as individual days. The current day is the only one we have. Yesterday is gone. We may not be on Planet Earth tomorrow.

I have been pondering the significance of today. The reality is that it is a gift. Creator God is not obligated to give us this day. The fact that we are living it is a reminder that He wants us to have it and has a reason for giving it to us. The challenge is to consider what that plan might be and then fit into it.

Since today is a gift, I need to consider its value and purpose. The gift of a cookie might bring satisfaction, but the person who made it gives it its value. If I think today belongs to me, I might live it carelessly. But if I remember that today is a gift from the Creator of the universe, I will cherish each minute and want my life to show how honored I am to have it.

The possibility of tomorrow giving me another opportunity to live today over again could lead me to waste a portion of it. After all, tomorrow I could do it right. But the gift is just for today. I do not get another run at it. The same is true about counting on there being a tomorrow. If I knew for sure it was mine, I might leave some things undone today that really need to be completed.

If I could live my life over, I would do some things differently. Regrets can motivate me to live correctly in the future. I have plans for the future that I anticipate with excitement. But I have no assurance that they will be mine to enjoy.

Today I am enjoying relationships and opportunities that bring satisfaction and carry a sense of purpose and value. Today is a gift from Creator God that comes with His plan and approval. It is a challenge and a joy to walk in step with Him. I am grateful for today.

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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