Does God Owe Us Anything?

Does God Owe Us Anything?

July 11, 2018

The opening pages of the Bible reveal a Creator God Who made a variety of beautiful things, including humans. He placed them in an amazing garden and gave them a life beyond our imagination. The story also includes a counterfeit god who wanted to destroy the relationship between God and humans. Unbelievably, he accomplished that goal. Those humans broke trust with God and followed the directions of Satan.

From the human perspective, one would think that God would want no further involvement with those who betrayed Him. Let them get what they deserved –separation forever from the Creator. But that is not how the story continues. God made a way for those humans – and for their descendants – to return to a secure relationship with Him. Through belief in the promised Savior Jesus, all are welcome to come to God forever.

So I am pondering: Why should a human ever expect anything from God? Is there ever a time when I could question His goodness or fairness? If He never blessed me with any privileges or provisions, would I have reason to complain? Should prayers answered “no” or seemingly not answered at all make me feel angry toward Him? After all, I deserve nothing from Him.

I do not deserve His love and I cannot earn His Salvation, but I enjoy more benefits and blessings than I can name – including heaven in my future.

When illness or tragedy comes our way and we want so much to have it removed, it is easy to question God’s goodness and complain that He allowed hurts to happen. It would be more appropriate to respond as Job did when he lost everything: “The Lord gives and the Lord takes away, blessed be His name.” And like Job, find ourselves worshiping rather than complaining.

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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