If We Could See

If We Could See

October 24, 2018

George Beverly Shea used to sing, “If we could see beyond today as God can see.” Several lines in the song tell us about the difference between God’s perspective and ours.

“If we could know beyond today as God doth know . . . O’er present griefs we would not fret, each sorrow we would soon forget.” We would know “why dearest treasures pass away and tears must flow.” We would know “why the darkness leads to light, why dreary paths will soon grow bright (and) someday life’s wrongs will be made right (because) faith tells us so.”

Humans struggle with life’s challenges because we have limited perspective. Parents tell children: “Someday you will understand why I am telling you ‘no.’” A child’s outlook is limited. We hope the time will come when they understand and appreciate the love and discipline of people who see beyond today.

We may not appreciate the limitations placed on us by a medical professional or the counsel given by a financial advisor. There is trust involved in following their advice, because we must believe that they know more than we do about the consequences of our decisions.

I sometimes find myself thinking, “If I knew what this situation would be like a year from now, it would help me in making today’s decisions.” But I do not have that information. We have to do the best we know how and trust the consequences to the One Who will work all things out for what He knows is good.

George Beverly Shea no longer sings, “If we could know,” because for several years, he has been in the presence of God and he knows. This is the hope of everyone who trusts and follows Jesus.

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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