“Too Much and Too Easy for Too Long”

“Too Much and Too Easy for Too Long”

March 22, 2017

I hear a lot of comments about young people in America, and much of the time, it is not complimentary. “Entitlement” is the buzzword used to describe them. Whatever fancy definition we give this word, I think it means “I deserve this” or “I have a right to this.” Carried a step further, it becomes an attitude of: “You owe me this.”

Humans were created to work. Even in the perfect environment of the Garden of Eden, Adam had responsibility. Creator God designed humans to find fulfillment and enjoyment in working. Those first humans were not bored with life. They had it all and apparently enjoyed it all.

But their world was broken when the counterfeit god, Satan, convinced them to trust him more than their Creator. We could say that he enticed them into believing that they did not have it all – that God was holding back some of the privileges they deserved. And they fell for the lie.

It seems obvious that the entitlement attitude started in that garden; however, history reminds us that not all cultures focused on it as much as our current one. Even in Early America, when most people lived in an agricultural environment, there was a contentment that came with having sufficient provisions and safety. They had little need or time for entertainment.

Having more than we need, and giving little effort to obtaining it for too long a time, results in an attitude of: “I deserve this.” This situation did not start with the current generation. It has been growing for a long time. Kids learn from the generation ahead of them. God gave children parents to teach kids how to live. So the current wearisome attitude of entitlement is most likely the result of the parents having too much for too long with a lot less effort than in previous generations.

I believe the same situation prevails with Biblical Truth. I have had so much for so long that I can easily forget that much of the world still waits for its first copy of the New Testament. That reality convicts me.

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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