No Regrets

No Regrets

October 10, 2018

Our culture encourages young people to make choices that are counter to what the Bible teaches and, if followed, are sure to bring eventual regret. I have been pondering some choices that teens will never regret making.

  1. A disciplined life with a balance of planned routine, time management, proper diet and rest, and appropriate physical exercise.
  2. Respect for authority – parents, teachers, employers, police and Creator God.
  3. Appreciation for education – at a minimum, completion of high school, and beyond that, college or trade apprenticeship.
  4. Value of people – appreciation for each individual regardless of their background or observable usefulness.
  5. Balanced discussion or debate with people that maintains personal conviction and is willing to agree to disagree when appropriate.
  6. Determination to read a portion of the Bible every day.
  7. Commitment to Jesus as personal Savior God and continual gratefulness for Him.
  8. Evaluation of friendships and building strong relationships with people who support their convictions.
  9. Save emotions and body in purity for the person they marry.
  10. Be accountable to God and to another person.

Teens who make and follow these choices will have a better life, fewer regrets and will always be useful in the community.

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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