Not My Concern

Not My Concern

March 6, 2019

I admit to being a worrier about things over which I have no control or responsibility. It seems foolish to realize this because there are plenty of things I am responsible for managing – including myself! It is a full-time effort to keep me in line. I am grateful for Carol and close friends who are committed to helping me see the blind spots that I choose to overlook.

I have been thinking about things that cause me concern that should not. Weather comes to mind. I do not like cancelling worship services or other church events when the weather indicates people need to stay at home. I have no control over the weather, so I should just relax and do the obvious.

I have the desire for every marriage to be solid and fulfilling. When people I know do not enjoy this privilege, I feel responsible. Did I fail to teach or to model – or to pray enough or maybe confront? If I am doing the best I know how, it is beyond my concern.

I do not like the cultural trends in our world that violate God’s value of human life, laws for how we are to live within the community and the redefining of marriage. But I cannot change those trends. I can make sure I am following His directives. I can teach and mentor wherever and whenever given the opportunity. But I cannot change the culture beyond my own life and immediate sphere of influence.

I want everyone to respond to Jesus and be ready for heaven. I do not understand how people can reject the amazing Grace of God. I wonder if I make it attractive enough. Do I present a kind of heaven that no one wants to miss and a hell that everyone should want to avoid? But at the end of the day, it is not my responsibility to determine how people respond to God.

I need to determine the responsibilities God has given me for today and focus on fulfilling them for His honor. When I do this, I have little time to worry.

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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