Conduit Usefulness

Conduit Usefulness

February 27, 2019

I find it easy to be grateful for hot and cold running water, forced air heat (and cold when appropriate) and electricity. I have no desire to return to those “good old days” of my growing up years when we had none of these.

It occurred to me recently that while I give thanks for these conveniences, I do not make it a habit of giving thanks for the conduit that brings them to me. It is not a part of my praise to mention clean water pipes, air ducts and copper wires. Without these items, I could not enjoy the benefit of what they deliver.

As I pondered this, I thought about my relationship to God and the privilege to be in His service – actually a carrier of His Grace. He is the source of everything. Every gift comes from Him – Grace, holiness, instruction, protection, conviction, joy, heaven – and much more. It all comes from Him.

As a member of God’s family, I have the privilege to tell people about Him – in words and in life example. As they respond to Him, they enjoy Grace, holiness – all of the above and more.

So, what is my place in all of this? I am not the source and I cannot take any credit for what people get to enjoy. Simply stated, I am the conduit through which God’s Spirit flows to take His gifts to people who need them. My assignment is to be a clean pipe, a dust-free duct and a properly wired piece of copper that God can use to carry His gifts.

Probably no one will stop to say “thanks” for my part in this, because the focus is on Him and His Gift of Grace. If there is sin in my life, God’s benefits to people will be hindered. He will not be as attractive and desirable as He really is if my conduit is not perfected.

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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