Proactive Peace

Proactive Peace

December 28, 2018

Pondering events of 2018, I have reviewed some decisions that bring a sense of enjoyment. Proactive benefits. I admit to some lack of being proactive, and the results were painful. Anticipating the year ahead, I am trying to learn from experience. There is such a thing as proactive peace of mind.

During the fall, I evaluated our aging hot water tank that had served us well. I decided it surely had another year, so I decided to schedule its replacement for next year. Fortunately, it did not “flood” – it just stopped heating water. Local professionals responded, and within a couple days, all was well – ahead of busy Christmas events.

My decision to wait is not consistent with the way I try to live, so I am not sure why I felt I could win this one. I try to replace a car battery before the expiration date, and I usually follow that strategy in other similar situations. I knew better than to try to get another year out of the water heater. Anticipating the year ahead, I am now looking at other items and planning their replacement – hopefully, before they give out.

More important than replacing aging appliances is the need to anticipate life habits that need to be altered or replaced in the coming months. I have a consistent Bible reading schedule, but there are ways it can be improved. I read quite a few books, but a more disciplined plan would be productive. And prayer life can always become more meaningful.

I need to schedule more time for visiting lonely people. I do not spend as much time with children and teens as I used to and I need that – perhaps more than they need me. There are decluttering projects that are overdue that will continue that way if I do not get them planned for 2019. At my age, there is still a lot to learn and change. I desire to have a life experience characterized by proactive peace.

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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