“Snow Equalizer”

“Snow Equalizer”

February 21, 2018

Something almost magical occurs when several inches of snow falls. Everything turns white and now looks beautiful. A new car and a “junker,” when covered with snow, both look the same. A dilapidated building, when covered with snow, takes on an entirely new appearance – almost as lovely as a new structure.

Without snow cover, we see contrasts in appearance and make value judgments. But when it snows, the scene changes and everything appears equal. What is on the outside gets our attention and we forget for the moment what is on the inside. Snow is an equalizer.

I was pondering the two sides of this picture. The appearance of equality reminds me that God looks at each of us with equal value. He is not selective in His offer of Himself to people. The most offensive sinner and the person who has lived a commendable life are both in need of Grace and Salvation, and He welcomes both. The snow equalizer reminds me of God’s perspective.

But the beauty of the snow cover does not change the character of what is beneath it. A broken car will not get you to your destination simply because it looks beautiful temporarily. A person whose life is filled with unhealthy choices might look good on the outside, but in time, the reality will be revealed.

The temporary snow scene should be enjoyed with a realistic perspective that eventually some things will need to be repaired or removed entirely. The cover will not last. And as I look at my life today, I realize that my fears and insecurities may not be obvious, but they do exist. If I do not repair or remove the issues that limit my usefulness, they will eventually become my downfall. I appreciate the lessons of snow cover – both its beauty and its challenge.

Pastor Bill Ehmann

2 thoughts on ““Snow Equalizer””

  1. Such wonderful thoughts you share with us. They encourage my spirit and fill my heart with the everlasting love of the Lord. I often need reminders. Thank you Pastor Bill

  2. For me, snow is a picture of perfection, where all things are beautiful. it is what it could feel like in heaven. The quiet and peace that snow brings is breathtaking. But, as we are not in heaven yet, we must use the word of God to reveal the cracks and craters that exist beneath the snow, metaphorically. God does give up hope in seeing the moments of perfection, but He needs us to be discerning. Discernment is the knowledge that comes from His word.

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