“The Power of a Baby”

“The Power of a Baby”

December 23, 2015

Married life can follow a schedule of plans and activities rather easily until a baby is added to the family. That changes everything. The baby interrupts our sleep, our dinner hour and just about everything else that was once routine. That tiny, helpless baby is a very powerful person.

The arrival of Baby Jesus changed everything for Mary and Joseph and brought about permanent change for the entire world for all time.

  1. His miraculous conception changed the life of Mary and Joseph. Their privileged assignment led to an entirely different outlook on what they most likely had planned for their life.
  2. Because Jesus had to be born in Bethlehem (Micah 5:2), the life of everyone in the Roman Empire was affected. Caesar thought his registration was of his own design, but Creator God made it happen so that Joseph and Mary would be in Bethlehem when Jesus was born.
  3. The visit of the Magi caused the jealous King Herod to demand the death of all baby boys two years old and under in Bethlehem. Those families would never be the same. And Joseph had to hide Mary and Jesus in Egypt to escape the death threat.
  4. Most likely, Joseph and Mary planned to live in Nazareth, have a family, be part of their extended family and community, and never make the history books. Baby Jesus changed this, and although they eventually returned home, they are still famous today.
  5. When Jesus was taken to the temple for dedication, Simeon recognized Him as Messiah and warned Mary of the pain she would experience because of Who He is and what His mission would involve.

The list of changes brought about by Jesus continues, but most important to remember is that He came to offer a way to change our life from lost to found, from sin to Salvation, from a hopeless forever to an assured eternity with Creator God. Baby Jesus entering our world at Bethlehem was the beginning of a journey that would allow humans to see God in human flesh, hear Truth from the One Who is Truth and realize forgiveness of sin.

The birth of a baby brings many changes, but the birth of Jesus into our world is God bringing us rescue. Jesus is the Way that connects us back to the Creator – a position that was lost when Adam and Eve listened to the counterfeit god, Satan.

A Gaither song, Redeeming Love, includes these words: “From a loving heavenly Father, to a world that knew Him not, came a man of sorrows, Jesus Christ, the Lord. In my wandering Jesus found me, touched my life with His great love, and this Babe has grown to be my sovereign Lord.”

May you enjoy the Presence of Jesus in your life this Christmas.

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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