“Amazing Trust”

“Amazing Trust”

December 16, 2015

The Story of Christmas is a lesson in trust – from start to finish. It goes beyond the ability of human reasoning to understand or explain.

  1. The Story begins and ends in the Bible. There is no other source that gives the prophecies and their fulfillment in such detail.
  2. The Old Testament predictions and New Testament completions take place hundreds of years apart – yet with accuracy.
  3. Human authors recorded the information – some of which had to have been dictated by Creator God.
  4. Angels play an important role in communicating God’s information to humans.
  5. The masterful timing of events is beyond human ability – even the motivation of world leaders to demand a registration that would get Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem.
  6. The birth of a baby – John, who would announce Messiah Jesus – to a couple far beyond the age of childbearing.
  7. The conception of the Christ-child without a human father.
  8. The submission of Mary and Joseph to a life that was totally out of the ordinary.
  9. The facts of the Story being preserved and eventually written down with detail and accuracy.
  10. The preservation of the Story that covers thousands of years and today is celebrated globally.

If we believe the Christmas Story, we have an amazing foundation of faith on which to build our life. And we do not – cannot – come up with that faith on our own. It is a Gift that God wants us to have – from Him. He invites us to enjoy amazing trust in Him.

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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