The Ultimate Wireless Connection

The Ultimate Wireless Connection

May 2, 2018

I received a card recently with this title: “Prayer is the ultimate wireless connection.” While I readily admit to being technologically “limited,” I rely on it continually. Take away my smartphone, or OnStar in my car, and my schedule would be in trouble.

Text communication is amazing. A message going from my phone to a friend half a world away sometimes finds them faster than the person next door. The microphone cord on Sunday has been replaced by wireless equipment. I have no idea how it all works, but the convenience of wireless almost everything is wonderful.

Actually, via radio and TV, we have enjoyed wireless information for a long time. But it is one-way communication. They talk and we listen. But with these newer developments, we enjoy both talking and listening – an actual conversation. So when I read the line that prayer is the ultimate wireless connection, I pondered how significant that really is.

To be honest, I do not think I understand prayer any better than I do modern technology. I verbalize words or sometimes only think them in my mind, and I have confidence that Creator God is listening and responding. I do not hear Him speak, but I sense His voice. The more I study the subject of prayer in the Bible, the more I enjoy doing it, but to explain what is actually happening is mysterious.

My best definition of prayer is that it involves “thinking together with God.” In the human realm, I understand this process. Carol and I have put a lot of effort into doing this. We do not always think alike, but we do consistently think together and it is a happy relationship. When I am not where she is, my wireless connection to her is my phone.

I am grateful for the reminder of my wireless connection with God – it is the ultimate connection. He has given me the faith to believe that it is for real. Eventually, I will see Him face to face and have no more need for prayer, for I will enjoy constant worship of Him in His presence.

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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