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Ponder with Pastor Bill

“Nature Teaches Us”

April 26, 2017

A song talks about “the wonder of springtime,” and I have been thinking a lot about this subject. Living on a part of Planet Earth that has definite seasonal changes is a privilege. Springtime in Oregon is a welcome change from the snow and ice of winter.

But nature is more than beauty – it is one of Creator God’s teaching tools. If we pay attention to what He is saying through nature, we will learn to appreciate Him more and focus on worship of Him – not what He has made. Nature shouts to get our attention focused on the Creator. Perhaps that is part of the meaning of Psalm 29:3: “The voice of the Lord is over the waters.”

The seasons of nature help us understand the seasons of our life journey. When I hear people talk about difficult times in their life, they sometimes describe a feeling of “dormant” – even “dead.” That is not a fun experience, but it can happen to followers of Jesus. This “winter” season has the confidence that “springtime” will come soon – it always does.

Right now, the trees are bursting with flowers that will be followed by leaves and, on some of them, fruit. It is a progressive journey that requires time and the appropriate balance of water, food and in some cases pruning (ouch!). Each tree will produce what it is designed to produce. Every aspect of the process makes a statement of honor for the Creator.

At the moment, the conversation is about rain and “will it ever end?” But I am convinced that during the summer months we will hear “a good rain would certainly be nice.” Nature is teaching us to be patient, grateful and blessed that we are not where drought is destroying the hope of harvest and fires are putting people in danger.

While we are anxious to work in the garden, play outdoors and feel warm, it is important to allow nature to teach us what wisdom the Creator planned to shout our way during this season.

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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