Freedom Has Boundaries

Freedom Has Boundaries

July 3, 2019

To say that freedom has boundaries sounds like a contradiction. Perhaps that helps explain why today’s society engages in so much discussion and debate about the subject.

Creator God established the principle of “freedom boundaries” when He brought the world into existence and made the first humans. Nature appears to have the freedom to do what it desires, but it operates within the boundaries of seasons, day and night, and natural disasters like tornados, earthquakes and floods. Even the squirrels in our backyard appear to enjoy complete freedom – until a hungry hawk preys on them.

God gave Adam and Eve the freedom to live in the Garden of Eden and enjoy it to the fullest, but there was a boundary – “leave that one tree alone.” It was for their benefit, and when they violated that directive, everything changed. We are all born under the curse of sin, and only Jesus has the power to bring us back to God.

We desire our children to enjoy the freedom of running and playing, but we build a fence – a boundary – for their protection. Husband and wife have the freedom of doing life together and enjoying privileges only appropriate within marriage. The boundary of commitment assures the best relationship.

Even Creator God established boundaries around Himself. He operates within the boundary of holiness that assures He cannot sin – His righteousness will never be violated. He is just and fair. He keeps His Word. He never changes.

On this eve of the Fourth of July, there is much talk about freedom. The American flag is everywhere. There are freedom rallies and celebrations to remind us of the declaration of freedom in 1776. These are wonderful reminders of the privilege we have to live here. But freedom has boundaries, and when we go beyond them, we experience the consequences. Freedom abused is freedom lost.

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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