Understanding Job

Understanding Job

July 11, 2019

Each time I read the Book of Job, I have mixed reactions. This time I decided to reflect on some of them and what might be helpful insights or applications.

It amazes me that the story gives no indication that Job knew what was happening in the heavens with the discussion between Creator God and the counterfeit god, Satan. It seems to me that it would have been helpful for Job to know this, but obviously, that is my thinking, not God’s.

Job’s friends annoy me as I read their arrogant accusations. After their initial days of silence, I think they should have prayed for Job and left.

I hurt with Job when his perspective seems to snap, but I admire how much he endured before that happened. It is encouraging to see a man handle what he did while admitting his frail humanity.

When God finally talks to him, I just smile. I can see the weak, hurting Job wanting to hide in the ashes as his Creator goes on and on with how great He is and how limited Job is. This is a timely reminder and an encouragement to trust and obey no matter what God allows to come into my life.

God’s description of animal life should get the attention of anyone who believes in evolution over creation. No human understands what God describes to Job – at least in the detail given. The description of the mighty creature in chapter 41 is thrilling.

Sometimes, humans who are enduring difficult times of suffering wonder if it is an experience like Job’s. Maybe it helps to be reminded that not all suffering is the result of poor decisions or even the aging process. I doubt that God could trust me with an experience like the one He gave to Job – and I really do not want to find out.

Pastor Bill Ehmann

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