Inconsistent Humanity

Inconsistent Humanity

July 17, 2019

Consistent humans are hard to find.  The problem started in the Garden of Eden when the first humans had everything good and chose to believe a lie that they were missing something.  Human consistency was damaged.

Our great country spends billions of dollars and individuals give their life to do good things.  We spare nothing to find a human who is lost in the forest.  We put priority on finding cures for diseases so that people can live a longer and healthier life.

I remember the excitement when a prevention of polio was announced – that crippling disease that my aunt lived with most of her adult years.  By the time our children were born, there were preventative medications for things that I feared getting while I was growing up.

I marvel when hearing about a premature birth and the amazing effort to give that person the opportunity to develop into a healthy and normal human.  Modern medicine is amazing!

So what about human inconsistency?  While we are saving premature babies and finding someone lost in the forest, our country considers it legal to end the life of other babies – in some places even at full term delivery.  With all of the preventative measures available, some humans choose to ignore the prevention.

At the base of this issue is the question of the value of individual human life and who determines that value.  Just because something is legal does not guarantee that it is right.  Putting more value on one human life over another is not consistent with Creator God.  He values each of us.  Human arrogance reflects the attitude of counterfeit god, Satan, who convinced Adam and Eve to decide they could be a higher authority than Creator God.  We must be careful to assure that does not become our way of thinking and doing life.

Consistency reflects the character of God.  The Bible gives us direction and Jesus makes it possible for us to be connected to the Creator Who is always consistent.

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